I interviewed several web designers and did my research before making a decision to contract Jackie to take my website to the next level. Jackie was professional, patient, and a real pleasure to work with. She implemented the changes quickly and made several instrumental suggestions with respect to layout and flow that were subsequently implemented. The final product far exceeded my expectations and I would highly recommend Jackie as your web marketing consultant. Check out the results for yourself at www.barrycarson.ca
- Barry Carson Financial Planner

I really can’t believe how great it looks and how much more sense it makes to move around. Thank you, thank you, thank you!
- N. Barker - Caledon Dressage

Jackie.... we love the first one (logo design)! I would not change anything honestly! It works just the way it is! I really do thank you since I didn't think it would be this expeditious!
- M. Panebianco - Senior VP Human Resoures Bankers Healthcare, Syracuse N.Y. / Co-owner Crawford Farms
Thanks for your wonderful work! From the people who have seen the pictures so far, I got a really great response. It was a pleasure to work with you! Maybe you'll see us again at a future event!
- M. Kolbe - Co-ordinator Matthews Hall Annual Fundraiser

Oh my God Jackie they are awesome!!! The house is going to be quiet without my Zeuser barking at all the people going by. Thanks again for coming today on short notice. This was the best in light of the circumstances.
- A. Press

Thank you again for everything, you have totally out done yourself again .
- J. Burton

Jackie these pictures are gorgeous! You made my horse look as handsome in these pictures as I think he is in my head. I had a hard time choosing...
- S. McKee

Thank you so much!  The site looks amazing!!!
- A. Woodley on the Conestoga Cadora

That’s perfect. Yes I had noticed that you removed the letter ‘b’. and I did really like the foamy around the mouth!!!
- C. Konikow on the custom collage of her handsome Damion

WOW….excellent pics.  Now to choose a couple for each collage….The head shots of Lucy are to die for.............Just want to thank you for the work you did for me this year. I have my pictures up and you should here the comments I get from everyone.  The business cards are getting much praise as well!
Crawford Quarterhorses
- S. Crawford on her custom collages and business cards

I got the pictures today Jackie!!!  Thank you SOO much for all of your hard work!  I really love it!!!!!
- D. Hopper on her custom collage of her fabulous mare Roxy

WOW!!!!!!!  You're amazing!  I have no idea how you
got those pictures!  Deb's going to be thrilled ................ Deb told me that she was at your place to choose pictures.  She's absolutely thrilled.  Thanks so much for doing such a great job.
- C. Sanders on a private shoot that couldn't have been done without her

The images you have taken of Tor and I over the past few years are amazing.  You capture her personality in every shot and I just love them; so many compliments too. I can always count on your talent and eye as a photographer.  To be honest, I have not come across another that offers the same. You are so talented, it's insane!
- B. Smith on images captured in the jumper ring

The pictures look fantastic! What a pleasure to see them like this. Now I'm anxious to see them in frames - I'm getting them tomorrow. Thank you so much. I really think everyone will be thrilled.
- C. Daub on the Caledon Cadora year end photo awards

I must say that the picture collages you do look awesome!!!  And how you took the background out on some is so neat.  Thanks and I look forward to the picts…
Blazing Colours Farm
- A. Wayenberg on images from the Royal Winter Fair Cup Qualifier

Hey Jackie - Thanks for the pictures, they're awesome.
- M. Melchers on photos of her standardbred jumper mare (yes, it's true, not only can standardbreds canter, they can JUMP)

Hi Jackie - Thanks for the photos. You do great work and are very talented!!
Elaines Equine Sales
- E. Vink on photos available for her horse sale site

Jackie - I received the photo today.  I love it!  It is my favorite that I have ever had done of Harley!  Thank you again!
- J. Henningson on her custom collage

I just love what you do.
Rider's Consignment
- R. McInnes on the development of her website for consignment riding equipment and apparel where a portion of the commissions on sales goes to charity

hi jackie - we love what you did. you do wonderful work.
- L. West on her second enlargement with Kayla and Ali

Hi Jackie - Wow! You do an amazing job. We loved image 2 on the ones that you sent us ( the showmanship picture is more faded). Thank you so much Jackie. The pictures look AMAZING!!!
- S. Conod on the custom print for her daughter Jen

Hi Jackie!!! Thanks so much.  I really appreciate it!  And thank you for removing the rope (that was scary!).  San Diego is such a great 3 year old and I look forward to watching him grow into my adult hunter! Thanks again and you take wonderful pics?
- K. Kubota on photos from the London Breeders CSHA Show

Hi Jackie - I just got home from Syracuse and found the tube on my desk. LOVE IT! It will be proudly hung in the living quarters of my trailer for my trip to Congress. Thanks again.
- L . Mastermatteo

Jackie, - I just received the picture. It turned out soooo great! You even removed her wart! I treated her for that two years ago with some aggressive homeopathic stuff (Xterra) and it just ate all the hair away. So glad you did that! My dad is going to cry!
- D. Evenaar

I love those photos, I look at them everyday, and I have had many complements!
- G. Shawyer

Jackie-Just a quick email to tell you I took my picture to work today and everyone loved it! They loved the colours in the picture. I am very pleased with the picture and will certainly look forward to next year as I would like to work with you on another picture.
- M. Moore

Hi Jackie again thank you for doing such a good job on the pictures.
- S. Batton

Hi Jackie, - Just wanted to let you know I received the photo and it looks fantastic! Thank you so very much, you do great work!!
- P. Leimbrock

Hi Jackie - Ok I LOVE it!! It looks awesome!
- N. Decosse

Hello Jackie - Received the photos today. Thankyou, they are very nice and appreciate you doing the background for Astaire as well.
- J. Pfaff

I got the pictures yesterday. Thank goodness you put them in a bag cause the mailman left them in the rain....but they were fine - the plastic protected them - whew. Beautiful. Thanks so much. I have one in a frame in my living room already.
- S.Culbert

Hello Jackie - I just wanted to thank you for taking such special pictures of Jewell and me at the show on Sunday.I wanted to express my appreciation of your wonderful talent. You have a real gift for knowing what we want to see! And the final two pictures bring tears to my eyes.
- W. Ewert

Just wanted to let you know I got my picture last week. Thank you so much, it looks great! I love how you cleaned up the background, and brightened everything up. It arrived in great condition.
- Courtney


WOW!!! Those are so great, Jackie!! . Laddie looks so handsome and King's sweet spirit shows through. I couldn't be happier!! Thank you !!!!!!!! - I love those guys so much and to see them look so beautiful makes me want to cry ( I am actually sniffing and looking around for kleenex !) It will be tough to chose so I am going to look at them a few thousand more times while I decide!!. Thank you for all your hard work and patience today.
- A. Baker

Hey Jackie - Just wanted to let you know that I am thrilled with the photographs you took at the LDA show. I’m pretty sure that the head shot is a must for his owner and I have to have the wild flying change picture for myself..... Thanks again for doing such a lovely job...
- J. Morley

Hi Jackie - Received them yesterday! Thanks so much. Now if only we could develop a way to make me look younger using photoshop!
- J. McKillop

Jackie - I got them today :) They're FANTASTIC!!! I'm really impressed with them... everyone at the barn really loved them!!! I hope you can make it to some shows :) It was a pleasure dealing with you as well :) I'm soooo pleased with my other pictures :) I've had many compliments on them :)
- C. Thompson

Hi Jackie - What terrific pictures! They are so refreshing and different from the standard fare we are used to. Great angles and wonderful composition. We sure look forward to having you with us at next year's show.
- C. Stuart

Hi Jackie, - Just had to write quickly and say Wow - the photos you did at the LHC schooling show are awesome! Thank you so much for doing the show. I wish you were available to do more.
- R. Peterson ( London Horsemanship Club)

The kids were excited to hear that I ordered the photos.
- D. Trusdell

Hi Jackie - The pictures were awesome. I am definitely getting the one with the dog. Can you take the whip and garbage can out? Would this be a good one for the black and white background? The girls haven't decided which other ones they want as they are all great!!!!!!!!!
- D. WIlson

Hi there Jackie - The pictures turned out beautifully. You did a great job.
- L. Rogers

Hello Jackie - Thanks tons!! I got the photo and it is wonderful!! It was presented at our Ontario Pinto banquet on the weekend and everyone loved it!!
- M. Meehan Thompson

Got it and it looks great.
- Canadian Horsetrader on ad designed for the Ontario Standardbred Adoption Society


I am an avid horse lover. I paint ceramics of them and have worked with a few horses over the course of many years. I have seen the photos of the paint horse and I haven't seen such beauthiful and majestic as the ones posted on the website just beautiful. I have seen some pretty good ones in my day but those just took my breath away! thank you for such beauty! 
- John Stegenga - a visitor to the website